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Xerox Toner Refill Kit


Don't you get sick of big companies banging their stupid stick on your head?

Treating us like ingrates with nothing more than a primary education. It still perplexes me that companies have not found the true profit in reaming loyal and caring to their consumers.

Well some companies continue to badge us, and luckily, the human race is intelligent enough to realize money and learn how to avoid some of the stupid stick.

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One such example is with a Xerox toner refill kit.

A printer costs $100 for a semi decent one - possibly lower with a rebate. Then when it is time that your cartridge wear out to purchase new ones, you find it costs around $50 for two tiny thinks of pigment.

It most certainly does not cost what they charge. That is why people have found a way around it with Xerox toner refill kit and other types of kits.

These large companies charge little amounts to gain a large consumer base and make their profits in the ink alone and other accessories.

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Well for $20 you can get a kit to refill your cartridges for about 5 times. That means it only costs you $20 plus your time to refill them versus around $250 to buy them in the store for the same exact thing.

Don't get mad, get even. Companies need to take a direct or honest approach to business. Charge upfront the total costs with possible financing options to help those who can't. Then leave the consumer alone, don't try to cheat more money out of them. Keep them as loyal companions and give them all. T

his way they will continue to purchase from you, and their kids, their companies and so forth. If you continue the way the business world is going, your company will fade just as AT&T, SEGA, and other name brands have slowly become extinct.

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