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XanGO Scam

XanGo are the makers of a fruit drink which claims to cure all sorts of common ailments.

Do to our customer requests, we have to ask about the possibility of a XanGo scam. As a result we did some minor research

The most intriguing thing about XanGo is that it is marketed as a health supplement. As a health supplement it is marketed aggressively as a product which has many health benefits.

XanGo makers claim the drink strengthens the immune system, helps to flush common toxins, improves intestinal health, support cartilage and joint functions and permute a healthy respiratory system. With all this jargon we needed to take a closer look at the wording on XanGo's site.

They claim that research shows that XanGo may promote the above benefits. However when we look under the advertisement on the site we see a statement 'These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.' This information points to a XanGo scam.

While the claims are not necessarily untrue they remain so vague that they fall into the consumer awareness category. For example, I could say that a certain fruit drink may promote higher intelligence functions, then below it I make a disclaimer stating this has, in no way been confirmed by the medical regulation board.

Of course other resellers of XanGo have jumped on the medical band wagon and are posting customer testimonials of how XanGo has helped them with their various medical conditions.

On one site healthsuperstore.com , reviews and testimonials are marketed as a selling point. Customers claim XanGo has helped relieve high blood pressure, aches and pains, and other common ailments.

For their unfounded and unsubstantiated claims in marketing a fruit drink we are placing XanGo on our consumer watch for a possible XanGo scam.


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