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World Financial Group Scam


The world financial group scam is a company that offers variable life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and financial products to the middle class population. Many critics claim that it is a fraudulent pyramid scheme.

Because the world financial group scam is allowed to continue its operation must mean that it is adhering to the national association of securities dealers (NASD) guidelines, although in the past it has been known to have incurred penalties and fines from NASD for misconduct and misrepresentation.

The world financial group is a multi level marketing, or a pyramid scheme, which is believed to have held back illegally up to 900 complaints of misrepresentation from its customers.

Agents of the world financial group scam have been known to lie to prospective customers about their qualifications and experience in the industry in order to gain the trust and credibility of a customer.

Many of the presidents of the world financial group scam claim to make six figure salaries, they have been caught out before lying about their income, products and services, if you hear this claim ask to see the representatives last financial years income for proof!

If you are being recruited by a representative of the world financial group rather than being offered a product or service, you can be assured that you are being asked to take part in an illegal pyramid scheme, do not participate, and report these incidences to the federal police!

Many multi level marketing companies, or pyramid schemes are borderline to being a cult, they are best avoided, It is strongly recognized that the world financial group scam the same as many of the other companies with the same business structure.

If you are considering taking part in, or being recruited by the world financial group, you are best advised to reconsider, as for their products and services it is disputed that they are even of good quality. The world financial group is a scam!


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