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Dealing With Workplace Discrimination


It is shown through the use of statistics and economics that men still earn higher wages than women. But can this be a form of workplace discrimination or just the world and the culture we live in?

Is it necessary to get a discrimination lawyer when things go out of control at work and you feel stepped on?

These are very good questions which we will try to cover briefly.

First, until the Second World War, men were primarily the "bread winners" and women would stay at home.

However, the war changed things around and women have also become more active in the society. Second, to achieve certain incomes it takes degrees and lots of tough work. Lastly, people will hire into positions of high income or executive positions a person who they think can perform the job well.

If it is still the case that men or executive boards think that women underperform, there is not very much we can do. You cannot change a persons mind and you cannot force someone to hire you.

Now, if you are at work and people who have no experience or are under qualified compared to you.

Your skills at work are perfect, no problems, etc and they still keep passing you up for a job you want, well then, you have something to worry about.

First, make sure you have no problems at work and you are perfectly qualified for the job you desire.

Second, make it known that you want the job.

Third, if they pass you up then leave or get a discrimination lawyer.

Workplace discrimination does exist and there are a few ways to avoid a scene just be patient and all things good will come.


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