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Stock Trading Wizetrade Scam


Wizetrade stock trading is a company that publicizes itself by using infomercials. You have probably seen them yourself on T.V.

If this is the case, please read the following information before you decide to try their stock trading product. They are asking between $2500 - $6500 per package.

The stock trading package includes simplified stock-picking software which apparently tells its users when to sell or buy stock. Wizetrade claims that their program can do this based on "Proprietary Algorithm Lines".

However, the stock trading software available is something that no professional trader would rely on to make wise decisions on the Forex Market. Wizetrade targets beginner to intermediate level stock traders.

With this in mind, one of the biggest complaints against Wizetrade is that they do not provide enough information about the biggest rule of trading stocks and funds on the internet; risk management. Most of the people involved with wizetrade stock trading just do not have enough stock trading experience or stock trading education as to know when to cut and run, or to let it ride.

This stock trading tool is most definitely a scam. It takes advantage of the new trader's lack of expertise in the Market to make a quick sale.

In reality, you need to spend thousands of dollars and large amounts of time to learn how to trade on the Forex Market.

There is no 'get rich quick' stock trading scheme available that really works. Be careful to keep your distance from the Wizetrade scam, if you are serious about internet stock trading and would like to keep yourself afloat.



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