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West Coast Wellness Scam


Pills, diet plans, west coast wellness scam, special packs, and more.

The list is endless of the new inventive ways in which people create programs and items to supposedly salve the human conditions of being fat and unhealthy.

Yet, how many are just purely scams or a poor attempt at free publicity? Here are a few tips to avoid such scams as the west coast wellness scam.

• To avoid west coast wellness scam consult Your Doctor: You doctor might be biased to which drugs he prescribes, but at least those drugs are guaranteed to some degree and backed by your doctor to have some results.

You doctor will also be able to tell you which are scams and what programs are right for you. Some pills and diet plans work but they can have negative side effects or no positive effects for certain people.

Some people are fat because of chemicals and they just need to have a test to determine this, if so a simple pill and plan will loose weight quickly and safely. However, this must be done by a doctor at a hospital, nothing you can do over the Internet

• To avoid west coast wellness scam aeep a Daily Journal: Write a journal of the types of food, when you eat, and what your physical activities consist of.

Then write down any problems you might have, like a bad knee or something that might affect and types of exercise. This will help you to see where you can cut out certain foods and help you plan healthy activities to help you remain healthy.

This might also help to show your doctor, they will generally ask you what you do and how often you eat.

• To avoid west coast wellness scam avoid the Internet: Avoid the Internet at all costs for any true information regarding your health unless it is from your health care provider.

Do not trust those fake websites trying to sell you something.

Do not trust anything on the web unless it is from a trusted source. You can buy drugs and plans online, but get the information first from somewhere else and then buy from a license retailer.

These three steps are common sense, but no one follows them.

If you ask someone, they will tell you to follow these steps to avoid west coast wellness scam, it is basic and will always guide you to the proper health care treatments and to avoid hurting yourself or being scammed.

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