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DGM To Get $4 Billion

DGM will get a $4 Billion loan from the US government to rescue it from complete demise. When will the money come and where is it comming from?

Full Article...January 1, 2009

Dow Concerns

Dow Plunges over Deal concerns

More Here...December 28, 2008

Bernard Madoff Cost Investment Funds More Then $5 Billion

In a $50 Billion fraud it has become speculated that the former chairman of Nasdaq Bernard Madoff may have cost Swiss based investment funds more then $5 billion.

More Here ...December 13, 2008

Finally A Great Company Bonus Story

Peer Bearing Co. gives 230 employees 6.6 Millions to share for Xmas bonuses this year. Could this be a new corporate mindset?

Here for More....November 30, 2008

AIG May Never Pay Taxpayers Back

The US Government increased the AIG bailout this week to $173 billion. The interest and fees alone are over a Billion $ a month.

More Informaiton ....November 11, 2008

Mformation Technologies Launches Lawsuit against RIM

Mformation Technologies is suing Research In Motion (RIM) for patent infringement in relation to the development and sale of the Blackberry and Blackberry software.

Full Article......November 2, 2008

How is AIG Using More Then $120 Billion of Tax Money

AIG executives are coming under fire for how it is spending more then $120 billion dollars of Government money meant to help keep the company alive.

See More......October 20, 2008

AIG Executives Spend $440,000 for Spa Treatment

Only days after part of the federal bailout was distributed AIG executives spent almost $450,000 on golf, massages, and dinners.

Read More......October 13, 2008

WuMu Was $ 8 Billion in Debt

WuMu filed for bankruptcy last week as it has an estimated $8 Billion worth of debt. WuMu is the largest US bank to declare bankruptcy.

Only Here ......October 2, 2008

Best Business Scandal Movies of All Time

We are always reporting about business scandals, scams, and unethical behavior. Here is a list of the best business scandal movies of all time.

Read All About It .....September 27, 2008

Bush Begs for $700 Billion!

The US governmet is asking for the largest bailout since the 1930's when the great depression was in full swing. Is the US economy in free fall? How deep doess the rabbit hold go?

See For Yourself ......September 21, 2008

Federal Judge Settles Enron Suit with Award of Billions

A new settlement in the amount of $7.2 Billion will be split between Enron shareholders and investors. The 47.2 Billion is to be paid from financial institutions who participated in the fraud.

Read More......September 10, 2008

Mattel Awarded Damages in BRATZ Lawsuit

Carter Bryant is the creator of the Bratz dolls, but was he the owner of his creations under his Mattel contract?

Read More......September 2 , 2008

Columbian Bank of Topeka, Kansas Shut Down

Regulators with the federal government shut down the bank in Kansas with 83% of its assets in the form of deposits.

Read More......August 26, 2008

Apple's former attorney pays $2.2 Million

A former attourney at Apple has to pay $2.2 Million to settle charges of altering company records in order to gain from apple stocks.

Read More......August 18, 2008

US Housing Market Crisis Claims Another Victim

After being in business over 50 years, Macauley Companies Inc. and President Stephen H. Macauley have filed for bankruptcy after posing losses of over $130 Million

Read More......August 8, 2008

" A district manager interviewing three prospects, a university mathematician , a physicist and an professional accountant. The final question he asks each one what is two plus two.

The mathematician replies easily "Well, assuming we are talking standard base 10 arithmetic, I'd say 4". The physicist replies "Well, ignoring effects of relativity, I'd say 4". The accountant whispers in the district manager's ear "How much would you like it to be?". "