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Enter Rumour Four Early Victorian Scandals


Scandals and the rich and famous seem to pop out of the wood works on a daily basis.

Britney Spears driving with her baby, adultery, blue collar crime from the unsuspected, and even the occasional I am different and I need protection.

Well, someone needs to stop treating these "different" or rich people with special cases. If they find a drunk celebrity they warn them and caution them, but in no means do they get angry or press charges, because they are "celebrities."

This in itself is a scandal within our justice system, unfair treatment of people who do not deserve different treatment. The only people that deserve special treatment are those no involved in enter rumour four early victorian scandals, but that are in risky postions by nature.

A male genecologists is already a risk for entering the market, children's teachers and tutors, babysitters, military men. These are people by nature that must face dangerous situations with which might lead to catastrophic results even if it is not their fault.

These people should get special treatment, not the famous, they are no different then we are. In fact, the public are the ones who put them in those positions.

A film is not watched unless the people like the star, a president is not elected unless someone votes.

So why are these people getting so much treatment by the media for their problems and then the justices turn their heads of their infractions, it is because of so many enter rumour four early victorian scandals.


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