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Vector Marketing Scam


Imagine responding to an advertisement, which promises $16 an hour for your services. Then imagine having to pay almost $135 as a security deposit to continue working for the company.

It is Unimaginable? It's true! The Vector Scam or Vector Marketing scam, a company based in the US has been deceiving thousands of individuals both in the United States and Canada , into selling

Cutco cutlery to friends and family. Who is their target? Students are. Some of who have made less than $3 a day working for the Vector Marketing scam.

The company takes advantage of the fact that friends and family will buy from a relative because they are dependable, known and sometimes they are obligated to do so! Hence we see the Vector Marketing Scam in action.

Students from across the country applied to the company because it seemed like the perfect summer job until the vector scam came true..

You can be your own boss! Decide your own timings, budget, meetings, schedules. almost sounds too good to be true right? Again we see the Vector Marketing Scam in action.

The problem lies in having to pay first and then earn later. Vector Marketing scam has already admitted to fraud in settlements with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (1999), Wisconsin Consumer Protection Dept (1994), and Arizona Attorney General (1992).

To combat this vector marketing scam a group of student began a movement called SAVE ( Students Against Vector Exploitation).

This group not only informs students about the pitfalls of joining the company but also encourages students to stand up for themselves and file law suits against the company. The multi-level marketing tactic has certainly backfired on the company with so much negative publicity.

The fact that they target fairly young students has enraged the country because this the most impressionable group that they could have found. To take advantage of them has just been dishonest.

However, like to any coin, there are two sides to the the vector scam.

There have been students and employees who have not had any problem working for Vector Marketing. Some say the students who did complain are ones who have had problems with their immediate bosses. Who knows?

The truth really lies in what each person has experienced.

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