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USANA Business Scam


USANA stands for, well we're not sure what it stands for.

We've looked at the USANA distributor corporate site as well as reading their founders message, their company history and their companies 'USANA Story' section.

However we were unable to locate the meaning of the USANA scam distributor acronym.

USANA scam , whatever it stands for, is a MLM or multi level marketing company based out of Salt Lake City in the United States .

We've heard quite a few complaints about the possibility of a MLM USANA business scam so we decided to see what distributors were saying about it.

It seems as if USANA distributors has quite a bad rep throughout the internet. A few people have coined it a 'cheap and greasy mlm occupation'. In fact much talk of the USANA multi level marketing business scam has been started here.

It must be noted that many of these distributors could be talking about the way companies like USANA and their employees make money.

As a typical Multi level marketing scheme USANA place a very high priority on distributor recruitment. It is important to sell their products but the more people you recruit to sell USANA products the more money the MLM Distributor Company will make.

A direct result of the USANA multi level marketing business model is that customer service and customer loyalty suffer immensely. Since the USANA MLM Distributor Company has so many distributors they have no way to keep track of how all their distributors sell their products or recruit new members.

It is a given that some USANA distributors will act unprofessionally with only the almightily recruitment on their minds. Although USANA may not endorse this conduct they cannot be absolved from some responsibility for their distributors.

If USANA scam choose a more legitimate, customer oriented, business model rather then choosing the convent multi level distributor marketing model a company like USANA would likely not be coined as the USANA business scam.


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