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tools is a company which combines standard stock-market education with real-time information about how to buy, sell and trade investments on the internet.

This company targets stock market beginnes to intermediate traders that want to supplement their income by investing. They use a form of "black box trading", which is what is meant when your computer will buy or sell signals, automatically.

They offer a stock-picking software package to accomplish this. Black box trading, unfortunately has a long history of implosion, and its risks are quite significant. This is one main reason why Investools has been labled the tool Scam. Is this warrented?

Investools uses Five main steps in their 2-day stock market course: 1) Searching for a Stock Investment,2) Fundamental Stock Analysis, 3) Technical Analysis, 4) Stock Portfolio Management, 5) Industry Group Analysis.

They claim to teach you a "repeatable step-by-step approach for finding, evaluating, monitoring, buying and selling stocks". They also claim, in 2 days, to be able to "train you on, and give you access to, private web-based investing tools that work in conjunction with the 5 step online Investing Formula". The seminars are even free.

However, as most professional traders agree, it takes a good deal of time and money to become a good investor, and a slipslod 2-day course, with some online tools is just not going to cut it.

Is there an tool Scam? It doesn't seem so. However it must be noted that no one can become a serious stockmarket investor in 2 days.


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