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Time Warner Digital Phone Book Scandal ?


Monopolies are probably known most for being thieves, but is there some good in having monopolies in certain instances?

Yes, although a monopoly might seem bad, economies of scale can show us that oligopolies or monopolies can do something for much less.

This is due to over head costs, administrative costs, and marketing campaigns. When it is all under one roof, it can be done cheaper. If it stays that way is another thing. When they begin to price to high, than others begin to enter and they loose their market share.

But when companies like time warner digital phone book, come in the market and ebay buying up every potential money maker and bringing all businesses under one company, that is a bad monopoly.

They are not good enough on their own to continue so they thwart all competition and buy up the potential. Sometimes they just do it for money, fame, and sometimes pure power. Why do you think people own news stations, music and all other forms of media.

So that they can get their ideas and influence people the way they want them to be influenced.

It is one of the largest debates in business, an age old case, and no one good solution has ever been presented because of who is at the bar and who has the bigger pockets.

We cannot sit by and let time warner digital phone book and other monopolies dominate the market and influence our lives, we need to maintain the free market at all costs

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