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The Greatest Vitamin in the World Scam


The company, The Greatest Vitamin in the World, operated by a man named Don Lapre, runs late night and early morning ads, designed to persuade people into joining the company.

They offer a 100% risk-free guarantee to sign up. They offer to pay $1000 to anyone who can get 20 people to try their product. They sign people up as independent advertisers and offer a free Greatest Vitamin in the World website.

The vitamins are $39.95 plus tax a bottle, and are alleged to have supplemental enzymes as ingredients which help to digest food faster and more reliably.

The company claims that most foods are enzyme-free and many people are deficient in these enzymes, leading to a host of health problems, from indigestion to food allergies.

However, other vitamins containing the same active enzymes are available on other websites for a fraction of the price being charged by The Greatest Vitamin in the World scam.

This company has also been accused of being a MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing, scheme.

Apparently, there are a lot of additional hidden costs involved with this business, and once people become interested enough to join the company, they try to suck people in to ordering more services and paying a lot more money.

Interested parties are pressured to join special money-making programs at additional costs. Once people do join up, they are offered more and more premium packages for even more money and what may have originally cost basically nothing to join grows to costing unsuspecting people thousands of dollars.

At least The Greatest Vitamin in the World Scam offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, which apparently quite a lot of joinees take advantage of, to get out of a potentially explosive financial position.


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