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The Duke Scandal


March 13th of this year a 27 year old exotic dancer has allegedly been called to a university bachelor party at a college campus, the victim claims that she was raped and violated while at the party by several Duke university lacrosse players.

In the university college scene it is common for dancers to be called in for parties, unnamed university college students freely admit to seeing this happen on a regular basis. A lot of the time the university party goers are under age and drinking heavily.

Two university Lacrosse players have been identified by the victim and charged with the crime of rape, with a possible third to be arrested. In the Duke scandal.

The victim picked the university perpetrators out in a line up.

Although there is some concern that the line up will be considered inadmissible in court as there were only university Lacrosse players included in the line up, not people that could not have fitted the description or be proven of their innocence, so it is possible that the victim may have chosen any person in the line up and not been wrong.

Weather the court will accept the line up as evidence is yet to be discovered.

There is a guard that testifies that he saw the victim linked to the Duke scandal leaving the campus that night, she seemed fine and did not mention to him anything about being raped or violated.

It is clear that strippers need to take caution when working in private homes as there is much less protection for them, than when they are working in a strip club with the protection of bouncers to ward off unwanted advances.

The reason that strippers dance at private venues is for more money that is offered to them, but it is at a considerable risk that they participate.

Weather or not the stripper involved in the Duke scandal is telling the truth is questionable, although, it seems strange that someone would go to such extreme lengths as reporting a university crime like this, and being scrutinized by the public eye, if there was no truth to it.


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