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The ACN Scam


The ACN Scam is a telecommunications company providing services such as internet, long distance and local phone calls, and digital phone services, their products seem to be of a reasonable standard but when you start digging into their business plan, that's when things start to get a little on the nose!

Is the ACN marketing company a scam?

To start with their company structure is designed as multi level marketing, or a legalized pyramid scheme, this alone should start alarm bells ringing!

I am yet to find a pyramid scheme that is not a scam. As an ACN representative you are encouraged to recruit your family and friends into this scheme, no cold calling or selling is advised, so you are not permitted to market this scheme like you would any other business.

You will be required to pay a $149 renewal fee per year, and $10+ per month in other fees, you will not find out about these fees until you have signed up as a representative, you will also be required to pay a fee for your marketing kit, although this information is not made public, if you are wondering if you can make money at this?

You might want to consider that you are responsible for the payment of bills that aren't paid by your customers that you sign up!

The company's structure is the same as any pyramid scheme, the people at the top of the ladder make all of the money, and the person at the bottom does all the work and gains very little compensation.

The ACN scam claims that profits are rising fast, although their profit information for the company is not made available to its agents or the general public.

But the real proof that ACN is a scam is in March 23rd of this year the Australian Federal Court, found ACN to be in violation of the trade practices act of 1974. If you're considering joining ACN either as a customer or representative, I would suggest that you reconsider.


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