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The Thalidomide Scandal Continued

Thalidomide is back, has been back for some years and now it is available worldwide. The Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) contains six pages on Thalidomide. In the PDR it is called Thalomid. This is an uncategorized drug that is an immunomodulatory agent that has mechanism of action in individuals with leprosy and other diseases. How the drug works is not understood.


Please keep in mind at this point that our "Health Care System" is said to be based in science and designed to watch out for us and help keep us healthy. Thalidomide is also being prescribed to or tested for use for patients with aids, cancer Crohn's disease, arthritis, Lupus, ADHD and more. There are cautions listed for the drug that include, that it not be prescribed to pregnant women and if there ever was an under statement, these cautions are an excellent example.

From the time that it was first introduced over "40" years ago, Thalidomide has been a tragic mystery; it worked well as a tranquilizer, was sold with and without prescription, was recommended by doctors, was available in pill and liquid form.

Why does Thalidomide still exist? The scientific medical community's thoughts on this question seem to be that Thalidomide has not been scientifically proved to be unsafe. Thalidomide passes animal testing qualifications for being a safe medication and passed animal testing prior to its introduction in 1957.

Modern medical science also thinks that Thalidomide can be prescribed and taken safely, if it is not given to women of "child-bearing potential".


How long after an individual stops taking Thalidomide does it stay in the body? How much Thalidomide does it take to cause birth defects? Will Thalidomide be found in our drinking water as Anti-Depressants and Anti-biotics are now? Many dangers remain to be explored concerning Thalidomide.

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