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The Thalidomide Scandal

The Thalidomide ScandalThalidomide is responsible for causing more than 10,000 children to be born with birth defects.

A West German Pharmaceutical Company first introduced Thalidomide as a sedative or sleep aid in 1957, and scientific testing determined that Thalidomide was safe, before it was introduced.

Thalidomide is dangerous (an understatement) and it is being prescribed even today. Thalidomide is being tested and has been used as a part of a drug (cocktail) to treat ADHD.

The Medical (North American Health Care Industry) presents itself as the scientific way to health. However, their methods are not necessarily scientific in the application of its form of health care. Industries must make money to survive, and the Medical as an industry, can be ruthless in its drive to make a profit.

Thalidomide ranks with and should elicit the same negative memory response as: dioxin, carcinogen and poison.

Soon after Thalidomide was released, reports started to come back to the company of instances of neuritis, because Thalidomide had a toxic effect on the nervous system of the user. Thalidomide was first used as a sleep aid or sedative and was available and widely used in Germany , Canada , Japan , Bolivia and Britain . Other countries had access to the drug; however, it was mainly contained in those countries.

Thalidomide was banned from European pharmacies December 1961 and it was available in Canada until April 1962.

While Thalidomide was in use from 1957 to 1961 between 10,000 and 20,000 babies were affected, many born with deformities: fin-like hands growing directly on the shoulders, stunted or missing limbs, deformed eyes and ears, ingrown genitals and born without a lung, many stillborn.

To make this tragedy even worse, the same birth defects are now being found in second-and third-generation Thalidomide users.

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