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Team National Scam ?


Here at Corporatenarc.com we've been getting a lot of e-mail lately asking us about the so called, Team National Scam. Many of the e-mails are from people who have taken part in Team National or are thinking about joining and want to know is Team National a pyramid scheme.

Upon request, we've looked into Team National insurance online and here's what we found.

In 2004, Team National was the subject of an online insurance investigation by the State Insurance Department. This insurance investigation began upon receipt of allegations that Team National had failed to pay some 50 or more insurance claims and was in fact operating illegally.

At the beginning of the investigation Team National insurance was ordered to halt its operations in Arkansas for the duration of the proceedings.

In the fall of 2004, The Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against top Team National online insurance executives for apparently funneling money set aside for health care claims into their own personal pockets.

Due in part by the fraud, Team National was alleged to have over $17 Million in unpaid claims.

So the main question remains, is Team National a pyramid scheme?

Well it cost approx $2000 to join Team National online insurance and they do require you recruit others people to join as well. The more people that join the higher the commission you make of their sales and recruitment. As a result Team National is definitely a pyramid scheme.

As a direct result of the information and complaints we came across during our research we cannot recommend anyone join Team National insurance. If you are interested we urge anyone to please do a search of Team National Scam or Team National insurance online.

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