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Trinity Broadcasting Network or TBN is one of the worlds most popular religious television networks and offers hundreds of religious programs worldwide.

In late 2004 a scandal erupted throughout TBN. It seemed TBN president Paul Crouch was having a Homosexual affair with one of his employees, Enoch Lonnie Ford. However, the affair was not the root of the scandal.

The scandal really began to take shape when Enoch Ford was let go from TBN and threatened to begin a wrongful termination suit. Paul Crouch settled with Enoch Ford for $425, 000 settlement with the terms that Enoch would remain silent regarding the Homosexual affair between him and Paul Crouch.

As the lawsuit winded down and the settlement was paid all seemed to be returning to normal for TBN president Paul Crouch.

Then in 2003 Ford sent a copy of a new autobiographical manuscript to Crouch, containing in it's pages the details about the homosexual affair.

Crouch was outraged. Through numerous discussions it was made clear to Crouch that he could purchase the rights to Ford's autobiography and keep if from being published.

The price set by Ford and his lawyers, $10,000,000! To put this in perspective, Hilary Clinton received $8,000,000 from publishers for her Atuobiography memoirs.

It would seem that the TBN scandal will live on in infamy throughout the broadcasting and business world.

To find out more about the TBN scandal contact TBN at comments@tbn.org


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