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Sylvia Browne Scam Continued

Upon hearing this Randi released a scanned copy of a document from Goldman, Sachs & Company stating that the JREF prize money account contained $1,054,656.70. This money was, and is, avail upon successful completion of Randis' Paranormal Challenge.

Randi sent the following letter to Larry King and Sylvia Browne by certified mail:

Ms. Browne:

Though proof of the JREF prize money is easily available onrequest, you have not made any such request. Your May 16appearance on the Larry King Live TV show seemed to indicatethat you were ignorant of the facts, and since we are an educational foundation, we therefore enclose a notarized copyof the account status showing the balance in a special "James Randi Educational Foundation Prize Account" in excess of one million dollars. Also enclosed is a formal statement from the agency holding these assets, verifying that the funds are in place. I'm sure that you are aware of the grave legal consequences that would result against the JREF if either of these documents were to be found false or altered.

As you are also aware, we have legally committed ourselvesto awarding this prize money to anyone who successfully passes both the preliminary and then the formal test, as agreed to between the applicant and the JREF This is described on our Web page, which also clearly states all the conditions for assuring that the prize money will be awarded if the conditions are met. Since you have already heard and accepted the terms and protocol of the test, and your understanding and agreement have been broadcast across the world via CNN, it only remains for you to give us a date upon which we can conduct the test.

One caveat: Several of the persons who responded more than a year ago to our request for suitable subjects--one of which would be chosen at random--have since died. It would be necessary for us to re-issue the request, of course, and that would mean that a suitable date would have to be set sometime in July, but no sooner.

Now that this issue of the prize money has been resolved, and there can no longer be any impediment to your involvement, we anticipate hearing from you with a renewed acceptance of our challenge. Of course, if you are afraid of taking the test, or you are aware that you cannot pass a simple double-blind test of your claims, you may wish to further obfuscate the matter by producing more excuses and problems.That's entirely up to you.


Since Larry King has agreed to "arrange" that you be assured of the existence and availability of the prize money, a copy of this letter is being sent to him for his information.

(Randi 2003)

Sylvia refused to accept Randi's certified letter.

This only helps confirm the reality of the Sylvia Browne scam.

Browne would like people to believe she has the psychic ability to communicate with the dead and to diagnose their ailments. She has broken three promises made on live, international television to take the JREF One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. More than three years have passed since her first promise.

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