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Sylvia Browne Predictions

Sylvia Browne offers up numerous predictions for the future. Continuing our research and writings on Sylvia Browne's we offer up the following top 10 Sylvia Browne predictions.

10) Sylvia Browne Predictions say that we will have computerized houses controlled by computerized switchboards. (Maybe I'm crazy but don't we already have this? Perhaps Sylvia's definition of a "robotic House" is too broad.)

9) Sylvia Browne Predictions say that some time in the future we will have rooms Cylindrical in shape where people come in and a projector will show then what looks good on them and take your measurements. After this you can pick up your garment in two days. (I hope Sylvia has taken the time to think about this prediction. If the rooms are square or it takes 3 days for a pickup she's in trouble.)

8) Sylvia Browne Predictions say there will be medical devises that stimulate your muscles with electricity.  (Am I missing something here? Was this prediction made in 1940?)

7) Sylvia Browne Predictions say that when a person dies they will "walk out of their bodies". Quite a prediction since walking is impossible without a body.

6) Sylvia Browne Predictions say in 2023 the lost content of Atlantis will be visible. (Not another Atlantis prediction. I hope she's right then people can begin predicting when it will sink again!)

5) Sylvia Browne Predictions say that in 2050 people will turn to spirituality. In this age peace will rein and people will live together loving each other and working together. (SEE NUMBER 4)

4) Sylvia Browne Predictions say that in 2055 people will live in cities that
are domed because of atmospheric conditions. (Good thing we have prediction 5
to fall back on!)

3) Sylvia Browne Predictions say that people will be vaporized when they receive the death penalty. (I hope they can then "walk out of their bodies" like in prediction 7 Try and vaporize me now suckers!)

2) Sylvia Browne Predictions say there will be many false prophets on the earth trying to lead good, hardworking people astray. (You don't say. Who are these ungodly people and how will we recognize them? hunt, hint)

1)Sylvia Browne Predictions say The future brings more monitoring of the internet and increase regulations to reduce the amount of pornography available. (I wish they would regulate internet psychic predictions)


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