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Sylvia Browne Home Page Fraud

Sylvia Browne Scam

Sylvia Browne is a frequent guest on Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live. The Sylvia Browne home page has become one of the most famous "psychics" in the world.

The Sylvia Browne home page has even become the founder of group which prides itself on their interpretation of the Gnostic principles, so much so they call their following a religion.

Sylvia Browne home page scam is based on numerous claims. Sylvia claims to be able to see and talk to spirits and claims to be able to put people in touch with their past lives. Sylvia also borders on refuting modern medicine so that people will accept her overcharged medical advice instead.

If it's marketable then the Sylvia Browne home page has it. She sells everything from books to cud's, from pamphlets to psychic telephone readings.

The Sylvia Browne home page an incredible 700$ US per call for a reading, or a mere 60$ if you visit her personally.

In our research the Sylvia Browne home page has had no outstanding predictions. The closest she has ever come to anything was predicting in 1998 that there would be small earthquakes around Modesto , California , and in 1998 the US economy would continue to grow. Continue to grow? Heck she should predict that one every year. She'll be right for most of the time for sure.

I predict that it will rain in New York in April 2006. I also predict there will be a major conflict in the Middle East next year. Finally I predict a small to large plane crash next year killings tens perhaps hundreds of people. Will it happen? You'll have to wait and see.

For all Sylvia's predictions she has been right only 6% of the time. That's 6 out of every 100 predictions. Again some of those are predictions such as the economy will grow next year are outrageous.

We again implore the Sylvia Browne home page to accept the Randic challenge. James Randi is a well known magician and skeptic. James has spent years debunking and exposing all kinds of frauds, psychics and mediums. Randi's most famous for his challenge. He is offering $1,000,000 to any person who could prove they had paranormal powers under scientific testing conditions. So far, nobody has won the challenge. People such as Sylvia Browne refuse to accept the challenge because they know they are SCAMMERS.


The Sylvia Browne Scam Continued...


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