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Stormpay Scam


What stormpay scam?

You must be mistaken with the 12dp.com scam that has been trying to take stormpay with it.

The stormpay scam so eloquently put by others is simply this, stormpay closed the accounts of the fraudulent, but it was a huge operation and they turned on them, overloaded their servers and everyone has begun to blame stormpay.

The service is below par, but is still comparable to paypal's service.

They have some other incentives to join that paypal has not yet tried.

Free auctions, paid to click advertising for its member with deposit into your stormpay account. Well, needless to say stormpay scam that people call it is getting the short end of the stick.

12dp.com was a scam to steal people's money fronted as an investment opportunity. It worked in a MLM fashion or ponzie scheme as they are known.

They asked for $10 and said that after 12 days you would get something like 120% returns. Well, they did not invest the money at all.

The money paid to old members was what was collected from new investors. It worked in a circular fashion until one day when it would begin to slow down the company would run and not pay anyone.

Well, stormpay stopped it before it could happen.

Freezing funds and putting 12dp.com under FBI investigation.

It was aired all over the popular news stations.

So next time you hear about a stormpay scam, remember this, sometimes what you hear is not true, figures.

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