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Stock Broker Fraud


This is one of the sadder stories to tell, because it envolves and industry upon which we have relied upon and when people break that trust it hurts everyone and it is hard to recover.

There are many excellent stock broker firms and individuals who world hard to make a great return for you.

Why wouldn't they, they are forced into doing something good. A good investment means more money to invest next time and higher commissions since they work off a percentage of the managed funds.

The problem occurs from the influx of stock broker fraud, brokers who can not invest or want to get some fast money.

Without stock brokers, events such as the dot com crash occur and begin.

The dot com crash was the even of stupid investors, or consumers who invested themselves mainly. Everyone inflated prices and then pulled at a hint of trouble.

These companies were valid and money makers that would exist today if it werent for the dot com crash. But because of the mistrust in brokers due to stock broker fraud and because people want to make more money.

Events as such occur that damage the economy.

There is only one way to avoid this, dont over invest for yourself, or pay the high fees to an older established broker who you can trust.

There is no way around it, if you want to make safe money invest in US treasury bonds, they will never fail and I mean never.

The US citizens will not give up the USA to some other superpower, so the US will remain and they will continue paying their investors. Or invest in a mutual fund, they are for the most part steady.

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