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simplyyou.com Scam


The Net is full of sites such as simplyyou.com scam and the like. This company simplyyou.com is a fraud one, that never provides its permanent address, neither does it reply to any telephone enquiries.

There have been a large number of its victims who have been overcharged with fraud bills and other extra charges. Its clients are given bills for the products which they had never ordered and never even received.

When you come across the site, you find it too good to be true, but will end up being cheated.

The site Simplyyou.com scam initially lures the visitors by offering a trial period for just $1, but once one signs up for this, he/she is charged 14 to 15 times of the money.

The speed of their procedures is such that by the time one realizes his mistake, he has already been charged with a lot of his valuable dollars. If you are late in identifying and reporting this to your bank to request them for not paying any money from your account to these people, you will get a standard reply that you should have informed the bank much in time and now $14 or $17 have already been paid from your account to these frauds.

Simplyyou.com scam Sipphone Saving smart, is actually smart enough in fooling its customers and duping them by charging its clients illegally for the things they are not interested in buying.

Since there is no personal information of the company is avaible, they can not be traced either. They hook a person leaving no way for getting out of it.

It is advisable that before you sign up and fill up the details of your credit/debit card, just check out the credibility of the agency and go though the terms and conditions minutely, otherwise you will not be able to do anything but seeing your hard earned money being robbed by such frauds as simplyyou.com.


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