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Scandal in Bohemia


Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 56 short stories in which his main character being Sherlock Holmes.

A Scandal in Bohemia was the first short story he wrote and it was published in the Strand Magazine.

A Scandal in Bohemia is a story full of intrigue, deduction and suspense. It is an interesting read and has received rave reviews from different quarters of the globe. A Scandal in Bohemia begins with a visit.

The King of Bohemia visits Sherlock Holmes but the King is in disguise and he appears as Count Von Kramm. A Scandal in Bohemia continues to reveal that the King is engaged to Clotilde Lothman von Saxe-Meningen, who is a Scandinavian princess. But things are not as simple as it seems.

The King has had an affair with Irene Adler, who comes from New Jersey . She is now threatening to expose his lack of integrity. A Scandal in Bohemia beautifully portrays the plight of a King who has his honour in question.

Irene Adler has evidence of their affair and is holding it over the King's head for monetary gain. Since his fiancé's family does not think of the King very highly, he is forced to identify a method by which he can regain the evidence. The evidence in question in a Scandal in Bohemia is a simple photograph.

It is a photograph of the King in a compromising position. The King offers Sherlock Holmes one thousand pounds to get the evidence back from Irene Adler. A Scandal in Bohemia then brings in Dr. Watson, the second most famous character in the Sherlock Holmes series. Together they devise a plan to outwit the smart lady.

Thus begins the action in A Scandal in Bohemia .

Sherlock Holmes, goes to Irene Adler's house disguised as a out-of-work groom. He successfully collects information from the people there.

The information that he has collected reveals that a certain Godfrey Norton visits Irene Adler on a daily basis. He watches as Godfrey Norton leaves and his lady follows in her car.

There is a surprising twist to A Scandal in Bohemia when Sherlock Holmes gets pulled in to be a witness at a church, which is hosting the wedding of Irene Adler and Godfrey Norton.

A Scandal in Bohemia then unfolds further action where Holmes again disguises himself as a clergyman. He pretends to be wounded and causes a commotion which gains him entry into Irene Adler's house.

Dr. Watson and some other hired folk then shout 'fire' and the house is thrown into a flurry of commotion as everyone is running around. Sherlock Holmes watches as Irene Adler runs to a panel in the sitting room to take the photograph. Thus he identifies where it is hidden.

The two sleuths then go to the house the next day to steal the photograph but the couple has gone to England forever. It is evident that their true identity has been identified.

The last part of A Scandal in Bohemia reveals a letter by Irene Adler telling Sherlock Holmes that she loves Godfrey Norton and does not plan on causing any trouble for the King.


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