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SMC, or Specialty Merchandise Corporation, is a company that has been offering home business opportunities and solutions since the 1960's.

They also operate an e-commerce company now, as well.

Before the years of high technology and the internet, the Specialty Merchandise Corporation was a business that sold its products to the public, via mail.

However, as a marketing decision, SMC chose to switch to selling their product through a MLM internet scheme. This decision was a bad one, and it turned on the business in a negative way.

As more and more people began shopping and doing their business activities online, the impact on SMC became such that a lot more people were able, and willing to buy into their business and compete for their own customers.

This began to pose a serious threat to the Specialty Merchandise Corporation, so they decided on a new marketing gimmick to hopefully recover some of the funds they were now losing, and to ultimately stay afloat as a business.This was their ingenious e-commerce company idea.

The company is extremely pricey and in fact there are a number of cheaper alternative competitor companies who will provide the same services for a pittance of the cost of SMC's e-commerce company. One such company is the USell Corporation who will provide services such as an e-commerce site, with daily product updates, and a free merchant account, for only about 1/5 of the price being offered by SMC.

The SMC scam is also logged into the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with complaints against it.

If you are considering taking advantage of some of the services that are being offered by the Specialty Merchandise Corporation, then do yourself a favor and conduct a little research first. There are many sites available who charge much less than SMC, for the same services.




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