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Sauna Belt Scam


It is one thing to make money it is another to thrive off the depressive secrets that hold many people back.

Throughout the years many “entrepreneurs” have created products or vitamins targeted at the obese. Because it is easy to sell to someone who is desperate, who would do anything to obtain their fantasized goals; and when you attach the words “easy” or “instant” people give in.

You wonder why so many people would continue falling for these “free lunch” schemes where you can get something for nothing, let's find out. One such recent scam is called the sauna belt scam.

It is an “easy” way to loose weight without going to the sauna – so they say.

Here is a statement from their website, “The Velform Sauna Belt focuses the sauna heat on the most problematic body parts to help flush out and eliminate toxins.” The sauna belt scam is a belt that would allegedly help you loose weight while you did nothing.

The first thing to note are the words “do nothing,” because everyone knows that there is only one safe way to loose weight and that is through proper dieting and exercise [although certain vitamins and pills may help.

Another major “red light” that should alert people, people like to go to saunas, why would you want to wear a hot pack on your stomach and miss the sensation of an hour in a sauna?

Even the Competition Bureau in Canada has tried to cease such products stating that they do not function and mislead people. These scams continue to crop up and con the world into buying a product they know will not function.


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