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Is There a Reliv Scam ?


What is Reliv? As all good doctors will state, loosing weight is not about the “as seen on tv” products that supposedly create miracles and it is not about avoiding McDonalds.

It takes a balanced life, exercise, the proper nutrition and endurance to continue what you have begun. This is where the possibility of a Reliv Scam comes in with their line of Reliv product.

In an effort to take the “academic confusion” out of the guesswork of which vitamins to take, do I need to see a doctor, etc, regarding your proper nutritional needs they have created information for the average consumer.

The offer the following Reliv product: Nutritional Glossary, Essential Nutrition, Functional Formulas, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Skincare, Science & Health Today and more. All this information is meant to help consumers get what they need and focus on the other parts of loosing weight.

The Reliv Scam and Reliv product is a source forweight loss information. They even hold voting power on the CRN, Center for Responsible Nutrition. It is a well established company that is publicly traded under “RELV.” You can view more information on Reliv and Reliv product on their website reliv.com

The catch, it is a weight loss multi-level marketing oriented company. Therefore you need to purchase your information and products direct from the source or a trusted distributer.

If you are interested in weight loss products and also work online in these sort of schemes, Reliv products might be exactly what you need. Grab onto life and make some money while doing it, help transform the lives of millions by educating them on the proper nutrition and supplements to truly help them loose weight.

Don't get stuck in ponzi schemes or low income MLM's, make it part of your life.


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