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Reliv Scam


We have been receiving numerous reports of a scam involving Reliv International known as the Reliv Scam.

These complaints focus on Reliv International as an MLM marketing scheme so we decided to investigate.

Reliv International was founded in 1988 by Bob Montgomery and manufactures natural supplements and products in 8 countries and made into an independent distribution mlm company.

Reliv International is structured as a MLM company. There are multiple pyramid levels which ensure sellers on the upper levels are making money off the people at the lower levels. Find out more about Pyrmid Scams .

Although Reliv International many be an MLM company this does not mean it is illegal. However, like almost all MLM companies there are numerous complaints to be found by searching online Reliv supplements.

Our research shows that 99.9% of people who participate in the Reliv international MLM fail. The average failure rate of all MLM members throughout the US is 90%.

Although there are various complaints online regarding the mlm Reliv Scam we were unable to find any significant information regarding Reliv illegal supplement activities regarding the possibility of a Reliv scam. This in no way means we endorse Reliv.

At this time however we cannot issue a consumer watch for Reliv International and multi level marketing.

If you do have any information or complaints about the possible Reliv scam or complaints about Reliv Supplements please contact us.


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