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Reliv, an international company based in 8 countries, is a business that sells nutritional supplements and also offers potentially interested parties the opportunity to sell products through the company as an independent distributor.

Reliv has been accused of Multi-Level-Marketing, and of being a pyramid scheme. There are many, many sites out there full of Reliv Complaints. They admit to being "structured like a pyramid", but go on to say that this does not necessarily mean that it is illegal operation.

Reliv International assures people that they will make lots of money, and go on to say that the top earner at Reliv makes $100, 000 a month. However they do not state who makes this kind of money, whether it be a sales rep, or the CEO.

Claims have been brought against Reliv International by the FDA in 1998, and again in 2001.

The 1998 claims state that some of Reliv Internationals products are indeed drugs, and cannot be legally marketed without an approved new Drug Application, registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In 2001, The FDA once again brought claims against Reliv International stating that their products: "Classic", "SoySentials", "FibRestore", "SoySense", and "Arthaffect" were misbranded, meaning that the labels on these products failed to bear the correct nutritional information and format.

Reliv International definately sounds like it is not exactly on the "up-and-up". If you are someone who is intending to buy Reliv's products, or become a Reliv distributor, Read the onlne Reliv Complaints. My advice to you is- Proceed With Caution.

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