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Primerica Job Scams

Primerica Job Scams

Often Primerica employees will send out emails (often spam ) inviting perspective clients to regional business meetings. In some instances these emails are a response to an online resume the recruiter may have stumbled across. This is why we were called to investigate claims of Primerica job scams .

Like most other companies the claims of alegded Primerica job scams is full of promises for finical freedom and wealth luring in unsuspecting clients.

Some people who work with Primerica earn a significant income while others who only work part-time may earn less. This figure cannot be determined but some sources state the figure is significantly more then $1500 per year.

Looking at these figures it is easy to see why this company exists and remains profitable. That is due to the fact that the people at the top make millions.

Primerica was investigiated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1990. See Here

With all this information you may ask, how does Primerica continue? The answer is simple, Primerica markets a service rather than a product and even though new recruits have to pay a $199 application fee to start. There is technically no "investment" required of new recruits.

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