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Primerica Scam

By this letter, Primerica is making a formal request that

Corporatenarc.com remove the false and misleading statements from the Site, including all references to Primerica

IIn particular, we call your attention to the following false and defamatory statements:

The Site claims to have compiled "a list of Primerica Complaints made by perspective (sic)

employees" and that in "a recent survey regarding Primerica complaints, 53% of people said they wee (sic) not happy with the Primerica recruitment process" and "another 60% said they were dissatisfied with Primerica's customer service." These statements are false and misleading. It is not even possible that such surveys could be done without someone illegally obtaining or using the names of Primerica's clients and representatives.

The Site states that "they post a phony job ad" and "they trick people" to get them to join the
company and get referrals. Primerica representatives are required to comply with all provincial,

state, federal and internal rules and regulations in conducting their Primerica businesses. Primerica has 100,000 representatives. Most representatives have never received a single complaint like this about their business. If you are relying on isolated complaints (and we'd like to see them) these certainly cannot be used to generalize about the entire sales force.


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