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Primerica Scam

Primerica is a marketing company who is the sister company of the larger Citigroup. They provide insurance, asset management services, and life insurance coverage.

They encourage their customers to invest their money in mutual funds rather then use their money for full life insurance coverage.

The firm offers debt-reduction advice as well as insurance and asset management. The company provides their services through a network of 100,000+ sales representatives countrywide.

Primerica representatives typically target low to middle-income families with some debt issues. They then offer to provide a free financial need analysis. They are seeking to find out the families long term goals.

These may be long-term investments, retirement or education savings.

Primerica representatives are required to comply with all provincial, state, federal, and internal rules in conducting their Primerica business.

They take that information feed it through their computer program which in turn determines what would need to happen with the families finances in order to meet the their goals.

For example, if they need to re-file their mortgage and take out an annuity, Primerica reps would send their info to Primerica's sister companies under Citigroup, which would then try and approve them.

This article was edited August 21, 2007 in complience of the document found here

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