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Primerica Complaints


The Site states that there is an "investment" required in Primerica for a person to participate. This
statement is also incorrect. An individual wishing to participate as an independent contractor sales
representative of Primerica pays an application fee which is used to pay for, among other things,
insurance pre-licensing training and the fees charged by state governments for administering an
insurance licensing examination. It is not an "investment" fee. A recruit may request a refund of the
application fee if he changes his mind.

. The Site states that Primerica is an MLM scam and a fraud. You should know that Primerica Life is
rated "A+" (superior) by A.M. Best and "AA" (very strong) by Standard & Poors. Also, Primerica Life
is a charter member of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA), which promotes
standards for ethical market conduct in the sale of individual life insurance, annuity and long term
care products. Primerica is regulated by both state and provincial insurance and federal, state and

provincial securities regulators. Calling Primerica a "scam" or a "fraud" is legally actionable.

Each of the above statements on the Site is false and easily proven as such. It may be that your

organization has received some communications from competitors and has accepted false statements by individuals who have a conflict of interest or an axe to grind.


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