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Poetry Scams


On the internet there exists many illegitimate poetry contests that aspiring writers should be aware of.

Some of these poetry scams are asking ridiculously high prices for "publishing" your poetry and then the companies do not follow through, once they have received your money.

One of these scams involves the company WRITERSWORLD.CO.UK headed by a Mr. Graham Cook. Many complaints have been lodged stating that Mr. Cook does not deliver on his promises of payment or development.

Most of the fraudulent companies look quite reputable and use names like: "National Library of Poetry" or "International Poetry Hall of Fame".

The National Library of Poetry, also known as: International Library of Poetry, Poetry.com, Watermark Press, and the International Society of Poets has a long-standing record of being a poetry scam. If selected as a semi-finalist, you are asked to provide $50 to publish your poem, and an additional $20 for the biography.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to trying to swindle money from the prospective poets.

ABC News actually entered some elementary school children in the contest as a test, and ALL of the children received letters stating that they were picked among thousands for their notable work, and for publication.

It is very difficult for the struggling poet to distinguish between real contests and fraudulent ones. Some warning signs include: expensive ads in glossy magazines and newspapers, and very large cash prizes with no entry fee.


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