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Nursing Home Scandal


IDid you know that over 30% of elderly people live alone? Yes, they live at the mercy of someone else's kindness and concern.

That is risk a lot of older folk are facing today. This over-dependence on systems rather than family has led to several home scandals around the globe.

It is a fact that nursing home scandals have arisen from faulty management, lack of regulations and rules and simple apathy to the needs of others.

In certain places, procedures prevalent at nursing homes have not been reviewed for several years.

Thus nursing home scandals are increasing in number every year. In the United States alone, the government has to pay millions of dollars to patients because of malpractice.

Nursing home scandals originate from the fact that corporate chains own most nursing homes. They try and apply market principles to the aged. Health boards have forced patients to join private nursing homes instead of public nursing homes. They have also deceived families by charging a fee for the nursing care of their families.

Sun Healthcare is one such home, which was at the center of the nursing home scandal in the United States and United Kingdom . The home scandal ruined its reputation and it eventually went bankrupt in Australia .

Beverly Enterprises is one of the oldest nursing homes. This company also fell prey to the nursing home scandal revolution. Malpractices led to the company suffering major losses. Kindred Healthcare did not live up to its name because they provided healthcare only to those patients who could pay.

This nursing home scandal has caused the company to pay the government US $1.3 billion. However, the fate of this company did not land in closure. Integrated Healthcare was started by Dr. Robert Elkins who was the only person who benefit from its services. This nursing home scandal came to light because of the poor facilities offered at the home.

The company was sold to Abe Briarwood Corp who are the owners of Trans Health.

Another example of a nursing home scandal has been the case of Genesis Health Ventures. Their lack of proper facilities and unethical practices led to bankruptcy.

Finally they found it difficult even to sell the company to a third party. Mariner Post-Acute Network was started by a group of financiers. Under the name of Grancare they undertook several ventures which all resulted in an eventual loss. It is said that the company is still in existence doing and are still providing poor care to its patients.

HRC/Manor Care, Extendicare, National Health Corp, Centennial Healthcare and Guardian Healthcare are a couple of more examples that have fed the nursing home scandal inbox.

Nursing home scandals have been seen all around the world. In order to make an extra buck, there is no limit to which company will go to ensure profitability.

Nursing homes have become a business, a trade, and a means of living. It is this apathy towards human rights and common welfare of man that has led to increased number of home scandals emerging from every corner of the world.

However, today there has been an effort to curb these activities and streamline processes so that nursing home scandals become a thing of the past.


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