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Novogen Ovature Phenoxodiol Trial What Is Novogen?


Novogen is a leading business in developing cures and drugs to solve the serious degenerative diseases and disorders such as: Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Cancer, etc. They have developed various methods and they have a few branches such as Marshall Edwards, Inc. and a consumer health division.

What is novogen?

As reported on March 29, 2006 "Yale researchers find phenoxodiol restores sensitivity to chemotherapy in some women with ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancers, in interim report on a phase II study."

Many different colleges and corporations have been trying to work on this novogen ovature phenoxodiol trial and finally some results have been conclusive to the affirmative of this new drug, which is a hopeful for the many thousands of people that suffer from ovarian cancers.

You can read the news brief my Marshall Edwards Inc at the following web address:


The issue will not be if they have developed a new cure or salve to this degenerative problem, but what will be the economic impacts.

New drugs, especially targeted ones, are very expensive since only a handful of people need them and only some can afford any.

If these people are deemed by their insurance companies as acceptable drugs within the parameters of their policies this means an increase in costs for everyone on their monthly premiums.

So whether this drug is good for your health it may be bad for everyone else since drug costs millions of dollars to invent and can only sell to a few thousand, you do the math, is it worth it?

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