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Noni Scam or Noni Fruit Scam


There has been much talk of the recent Noni scam or Noni Fruit scam.

We received a couple of emails asking for any information we had regarding Noni. As a result we decided to do some research to see what all the hype was about.

Morinda was founded in 1996 after John Wadsworth supposedly traveled to Tahiti and found the holy grail of fruits. It is said he was so inspired by the juices health benefits that he decided to market the juice to America .

John came back to America and founded Morinda, a large MLM company claiming to have over five thousand distributors worldwide.These distributors primarily sell Morindas main product Tahitian Noni Juice.

So where is the Noni Scam you may ask? Well it seems as if in the late 90s Morinda decided it would market the juice and claim its power to cure all kinds of medical conditions and diseases.

These claims came under fire from regulators and the FDA as being unfounded and unresearched.

It seems as if distributors we taking it upon themselves to falsely claim the healing powers of Noni or were being told directly by Noni to proclaim this as a part of their selling technique.

The results of the Noni fruit scam were thousands of lies and millions of dollars in revenue for Morinda. In 1998, the attorney generals office agreed to a settlement with Morinda for an undisclosed amount, thought to be in the tens of millions of dollars.

In addition to the settlement it was ordered that Morinda refund any customer who makes such a request in writing, they no longer publish customer testimonials without proof, and they must refrain from asserting any claims about the healing powers of Tahitian Noni juice.


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