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Noni Scam Xango Scam & Tahitian Juice Scam


The world is full of scam artist, always creating new viruses and ways to get around what we are trying to protect and what do we do about it.

When someone is caught they are fined and 6 months later released from jail or prison. Only to again pick up where they left off, causing more harm and more people to feel insecure and just give up.

There have been weight loss scams,Tahitian Juice Scam, Noni Scam or Xango Scam, pfishing scams on ebay, paypal and other large venues.

What are we to do when we are surrouned by scams like Noni Scam, Xango Scam or Tahitian Juice Scam .

Sometimes it makes people feel like they should join the criminal undergound, give up and value nothing, or turn so paranoid that you dog has a tracking device for fear of it being stolen.

There are ways around these things, profitable ways, but very few are tapping the market due to the larger markets that suck on this fear and insecurity.

How much money does the credit score industry rake in every year since the rise in identity theft has risen.

How much do credit cards make on selling the phony insurance protection programs, when they should be included for free with their services.

Home security systems, if the world was at peace there would be no industry for these large corporations, therefore they do nothing to stop it. The simply deal with it. The only way to avoid scams like the Tahitian Juice Scam, Noni Scam or Xango Scam and others is to come together and stop supporting these large companies that lie to us in an effort to protect us.

Our only protection is in solutions and execution of those solutions. Everything else is just a delay of the inevitable.

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