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Nouveau Tech Society Scam


The Nouveau Tech Society scam starts with a letter usually sent to your home address asking you to join a 'secret society' by purchasing a book called 'The Neo-Tech Discovery'.

This book is said to contain secrets to gaining wealth, furthering your career etc.. The letter you receive often mentions something personal in nature in an attempt to connect to you on a personal level. Of course the recipient is often shocked at the personal information and as a result is more likely to purchase the product.

The Nouveau Tech Society scam was formally known as NovaTech Society Scam. The book offered in the Nouveau Tech Society scam is published by the Neo-Tech Publishing Company, which also happen to be the owners of the Nouveau Tech Society.

Neo-Tech Publishing Company is focused on publishing articles and books that promote the Neo-Tech philosophy and teachings.

These teachings claim to provide secrets to human manipulation, wealth and power. Of course all teachings are available upon the purchase of their book.

The Neo-Tech teachings go a step further with the release of their own bible called 'The Bible Decoded' which proclaims that Man can become a God by following the Neo-Tech teachings.

The Neo-Tech philosophy and teachings are the product of Wallace Ward who is better known as Frank R. Wallace. Ward claims to have developed his philosophy while studying various aspects of poker and human reaction.


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