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Monavie Scam


Lets explore Monavie and the so called Monavie Scam. Monavie is a health drink that was launched in January 2005.

It is described as a phytonectar blend made up of nutritional fruits and berries, the prized ingredient of this tonic is the Aci Berry that can only be found in the Amazon, and this supplemental juice has been recommended by celebrity Oprah Winfrey on her television show.

The tonic seems to be of good quality. Is there a Monavie scam going on!

The thing of concern to us is the marketing strategy that has been employed to sell the Monavie juice. It appears that it is another of those "legalized pyramid schemes" in action again.

The marketers of Monavie refer to the Monavie scam as a 'networking marketing business', in these situations the person at the bottom of the ladder spends the most money, and does the most work with very little reward and even less compensation for their efforts.

As a networking market business person you must recruit people to go beneath your line of business, they in turn recruit others and so on until you have a certain amount of people under you to make a passive income, or an income that you don't have to work for.

Usually a very successful person from your 'up line' or someone who has been doing this network marketing business for a long time, and is making a great deal of money off of your efforts, will speak to prospective marketers telling them of all the benefits of joining their very profitable organization, and why their Monavie supplement is a marketing winner.

Although this sounds very enticing it is often never the case, a large number of newly joined members realize that they have got themselves into an unprofitable scam and retreat, after they have lost several hundred dollars in the signing up process.

I defiantly believe that the Monavie scam is just that, a legalized scam, and should be avoided although the Monavie product seems to be of good quality.


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