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The MMS Scandal


Gone is the world of innocence and simple pleasures.

Today, with the advent of technology and easy access to information young people are often lured to experiment and go into hitherto unexplored territory, very often out of sheer curiosity and sometimes due to lack of proper counselling and guidance at home and at school.

It was in the year 2004 that one such story rocked India 's capital city New Delhi and the MMS Scandal.

Two students from a prestigious public school in the city indulged in acts and filmed the acts using a cell phone camera. Unfortunately, the clip was circulated around without the girl's consent.

What seemed like fun initially snowballed into a huge scandal that sent shock waves across the nation with parents and school authorities suddenly waking up to find that technology can be the downfall of many an unguided youth.

Both the girls were expelled from school after the MMS scandal erupted and their lives have taken an unfortunate turn.

However, it left authorities and parents looking at technology and liberty in a new light. Psychologists say the young are naturally curious, however proper guidance given by both parents as well as their teachers can avert such incidents.

The MMS scandal to an extent has resulted in creating awareness about the need to impart education at the right time to ensure a healthy outlook to the entire issue and therefore it will not lead to unfortunate incidents like the MMS scandal that took place in the school.

The video clip, which was initially taken for the fun of it, was later circulated not only within the school but also to schools across the city.

We need to understand the younger generation and impart the right information to them. This will give them a better understanding.

Parents are embarrassed to take up this conversation with their children, while some are just too busy with their own lives to be bothered to spend time with their children. This leads to unhealthy curiosity.

We must as a nation wake up and give our children a better moral understanding of life to ensure a better tomorrow for today's youth. Paint the right picture and give them the chance to see right from wrong to avoid incidents like the MMS scandal in future.


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