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Committing Medicare Fraud


What does it really mean to commit medicare fraud?

To answer this question we need to begin with the question, what is medicare?

Medicare is a government program of a certain in-kind transfer system, except the money is only transferred to those who contribute. This is not welfare or public assistance, you must be a contributor to qualify to benefit from it and there is no way around it.

Everyone pays about 1.5% out of their salary and your employer pays the other 1.5% which brings it 3%.

So 3% percent for each person is put into this fund over the period of their working life. When you reach retirement age or become permanently disabled you can begin to use medicare.

Medicare is a health care plan to take care of the retired. Only those who have paid taxes can qualify in using this plan.

There are many laws and other qualifications these medicare funds, but basically this is what it is. Because people are terrible spenders and want to live 6 months longer when dying, they have created this medicare program to keep the dead alive.

I personally hate the thought of being kept artificially alive. But it is also valid, some people live many more years because they were not necessarily dying, just needed a bypass or something else.

If you are going to continue in a Hospital bed, say goodbye and leave the rest of your money to your kids, don't waste it for a few more minutes of unpleasant life.

Well, back to the issue of medicare fraud, if you do not pay, but benefit from it you are a freeloader and committing fraud

If you act like you are qualify for medicare but, don't that is fraud. The problem is that soon this fund will run out of money..

I will not pay more taxes to keep anyone alive a few months longer just because they themselves could not save money and buy a medicare health care plan.

This is pathetic, work and pay for your living, when it is the end of your life, say goodbye. Life is harsh, stop trying to ignore it. If you don't like it, try and change it, don't become a leach on the back of a medicare society.

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