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Medicaid Fraud


Medicaid and medicaid fraud is an increasing concern for the american taxpayers.

Medicaid is a government/state sponsored program. Most of the funds come from local state taxes and the only people who qualify are the terribly poor.

The limit is so low that it almost does not apply except for someone working minimum wage 5 hours a week basically. That might be an exaggeration, but still it is very low and generally only disabled, handicaped, or homeless can use medicaid.

They also receive inferior service at hospital and from doctors, which should be expect and normal because it is free and they get fit it where they can.

The problem is that more people avoid paying taxes, make up fake identities to get free surgery or medicine and then go back to their normal life where they could have paid for it themselves, but who wants to give up $10000 when you dont think it is worth it because doctors overpay.

Medicaid is increasing in number of people applying and using it per year and it is sucking millions of dollars away.

We need to setup better ways to target medicaid fraud and those who are abusing it. If not, taxes will have to continue to rise and national debt will continue to skyrocket.

I personally dont believe in anything completely free.

Prisons in Europe would make people work in mines, can't pay for dinner go and wash dishes, can't pay for health insurance, show up once a week and do janitorial services or something.

This would keep our hospitals cleaner and more staff to focus on health issues and not the trivial things. Work for your life and dignity, dont slither around on the backs of society acting like we owe you something.


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