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Med Scalp Scam


The comments found on the internet regarding the Med Scalp Scam or rather the scam involving the company Scalp Med seem to be quite real. At the very least there are many, many sites portraying Med Scalp in a negative light.

How can we be sure that there is a Mes Scalp Scam ?

What is MedScalp and more importantly does med scalp it work?

Med Scalp is a company that sells hair growth and hair loss products online to men and women such as Vitadil2A Rapid Growth, Nutrisol-RM and Cortex Enlarger.

Many of these hair loss products apparently do many things including: dilating the capillaries in the hair papilla to deliver protein and nutrients to the hair matrix cells; delivering beta-sitosterols directly to the hair bulb, blocking the androgen receptor sites from binding DHT to the bulb;

And it supposedly delivers a cell growth initiator, which works synergistically with the other active agents, to the hair matrix cells to expedite the conversion of amino acids from the blood to Keratin, considerably speeding up the growth rate of these cells to produce a healthier, thicker hair shaft.

The hair loss products are supposed to work without the use of surgery, weaves, toupees or wigs. According to Scalp Med, there are no sexual side effects, and there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

A 2 month supply is $159.80 which is quite steep however in the world of hair care and hair loss treatment it is just the tip of the iceberg. This is especially true in comparison of products such as Rogaine, which can be purchased for approximately $20 a bottle.

Unfortunately, many people use fraudulent claims, such as the Med Scalp Scam to rip off people who are desperately looking for a cure for their growing baldness.

The only FDA approved hair-loss restoration products are: Propecia-a product created for men only, and only works in approximately 52% of them; and Rogaine, the first FDA approved drug for hair loss and baldness.

We have no evidence of a Med Scalp Scam but we also have no evidence that Med Scalp works. All we know is that there are many people who doubd Med Sclps claims. , Much of this inforamtion is in the form of customer feedback, customer blogs, and testimonials.


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