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Gagnon Matt Scam


Matt Gagnon is a businessman who hosts and writes copies for the internet site, MAZU Publishing.

He has shady business practices which include offering basically useless information for a steep price.

Some of the information which can be obtained from Matt Gagnon is useful and informational, however this information is also available in a variety of places, including the internet, for free.

He advocates himself as an online guru who provides business advice to people who are looking for ways to advance their professional lives.

If you are considering investing money in the quick gimmicks that are endorsed by Matt Gagnon, it would be very wise to educate yourself on the techniques used by Matt, and the numerous complaints being lodged against him.

There have been many complaints allegedly made against Matt Gagnon based on the fact that people are paying huge prices for his books and online advice, and not receiving economical advice with any substance.

One complaint against him claims that he offers, through MAZU, professional training kits called E-Currency or E-Gold for the price of approximately $ 315. These kits contain cds that, when inserted, played unprofessional, casual conversations between business associates which did not disburse any real information.

The included CD Rom, when inserted, brings customers to an internet site which does give useful financial information, however this site is available to anyone, absolutely free.

Other allegations state that he uses a slash and burn policy when it comes to other competitors, and also former students of his who have 'outmastered the master'. He has been known to unprofessionally publicly insult competitors and other business owners and, ironically, accuse them of being scam artists.


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