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Matthew Lesko Scam


Matthew Lesko scam is an online marketing guru and the author of the book, "Free Money For Entrepreneurs".

In it, Matthew Lesko compiles lists of government grants, loans and programs available to the public. However, much of the information in this book is outdated and therefore not even legitimate anymore.

Another complaint against Matthew Lesko's scam book of online loans and goverment grants is that after reading it, many people still wonder what its purpose is.

Although the book is large, and retails for about $60, it gives a lot of addresses but no information as to how to write your letter to these government agencies in on order to apply for these online loans or government grants.

There doesn't seem to be much substance of any importance in this book regardless of its size.

The Matthew Lesko scam focuses on how to get free money falls a bit short of the mark and is a lot more trouble than most people may be willing to go through.

The book featured in the Matthew Lesko scam does not tell anyone how to get free government money from grants or loans that they wouldn't already be qualified for.

If people meet the required criteria to receive government grants or loans, and they are accepted, then they can take advantage of these programs, and buying a $60 book does not change this.

Especially considering that all of the information found in his books can be obtained at the library, internet forums, websites or a dozen other places-including government agencies, for free.


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