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Market America Scam


Market America Scam is a MLM brokerage and internet-marketing company that specializes in one-to-one-marketing and mass customization, which was founded in 1992.

The online marketing products are advertised to be all about looking good, and feeling good, such as health, beauty and nutrition products. They are offered exclusively through the company's network of customer managers.

They also sell unfranchised home-internet businesses.

Market America is accused of being more focused on recruiting than selling, and of promising people that they will make the big bucks, are the deals shady? Is this True? Many businesses are very focused on recruiting staff.

The Market America MLM company holds meeting and training seminars, quarterly, in different locations for it's unfranchised owners. They leave the meetings equipped with sales, marketing and management tools.

If a business makes money by recruitment, or non-service profit, it is practicing illegal activity. However we are not stating MA is practicing illegal activity.

Certain businesses only benefit those who get in initially, and offer no opportunity for those who get in later to make as much, or more, money. Things such as; going door-to-door for sales, a thin product base, or encouragement to try to sell things to complete strangers are a part of Market America, however these things are not illegal.

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