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UK National Lottery Scam

There is a lottery scam circulating around the UK known as the UK national lottery scam.


In this scam the unsuspecting person received an email from the scammers informing them they have won a jackpot or jackpot prizes in a bogus lottery.

The UK national lottery scam email continues by asking the person to send anywhere from 5,000 - 7000 pounds in order to pay for the service administration fee and to secure their winnings.

Often when the victim pays the first amount they then receive a letter appearing to be from the GBGB (the gaming board of Great Britain ) asking them for another 15000 - 20000 pounds.

This UK national lottery scam has so far been traced to many different countries including 6 call centers located in Canada .

This scam has so far claimed between 10000-15000 victims thus far. The title text of the bogus email offer reads 'winning lotto numbers'.

It is important that you inform your friends and relatives of this scam email. Don't even bother to open email with this subject in the title.

I would also recommend visiting an online forum located at http://thescambaiter.com/forum .

The forum is geared towards scamming the scammers. So far the forum is catching on and has had some great success stories. Do your part and strike back.


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